As my blog title foreshadows, I will probably not be everyone’s favorite person when it comes to many topics. I am 20-year-old woman, in her second year of college, studying business. Unlike what seems to be the majority of women I know, I tend to lean more towards the conservative political views and side with the Republican party. I decided to start this blog simply as a place for me to discuss my thoughts and feelings on what is going on in America, as well as the rest of the world.

I attend a large, public university in Ohio. I would say about 80% of the students on my college campus are very liberal and very anti-Trump; my professors are as far left as you can get. I failed an English class based on one paper that I wrote about fracking; my leftist professor did not agree with it whatsoever. Unfortunately, that is how many public university educators are.

My professor wanted us to write a paper on something in politics that we had a good understanding of, and wanted to write on. I knew that everyone was going to write on three things: gay marriage, gun control, and abortion. Those were definitely things I wanted to stray away from just because of my views on those topics were going to be something that only a small population would agree with. Of course, I wanted to be different and really talk about something controversial without being like everyone else. Silly me, I chose fracking because it was so different than what we really hear in the news daily, and I had a lot of knowledge and information on that topic; but it was something liberals detested. Just a little back story: my dad has been in the oil industry for about 7 years and really likes it. He has talked to me about his industry and the false labels that are given to companies like his. Of course, my dad let me form my own opinions and never forced a way of thinking on me (which I am so grateful for).

Both of my parents, as I got older, would discuss what was going on in the world and would try to give me an explanation without bias the best they could. I feel as though many conservative parents really push their views on their children, which can really make them want to be different. I’ve seen that in many of my friends. When we discuss politics or other social issues and they don’t really have a reason or any back-up whatsoever to explain their reasoning. They have no personal thoughts, they just follow the crowd. On the contrary, sometimes parents are so influential with their children, that the children choose to think what their parents do without really researching what it is that they “believe.” One friend that I would talk to just took her information from Twitter-TWITTER! She even had admitted to not knowing much about politics but she “hated Trump because he was a misogynist who was xenophobic, homophobic, racist, and anti-anything liberal.” Wow, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Trump is actually the first president to be fully supportive of homosexual marriage (Obama didn’t feel that way when he first came into office even though many people claim he did). Trump is the presidential candidate to have a woman run his whole campaign and be one of his advisors. For those of you who say Trump is xenophobic, he just appointed a Supreme Court judge who was in favor of ALL religious freedom. Trump is simply trying to get the terrorists out of America and attempting to make the American citizens a priority. Don’t you want to be valued more as an American citizen than an illegal immigrant? I know I sure do. What also baffles me is when people say Trump is against immigrants. He is most certainly not against immigrants. His mother is and immigrant, along with his wife. He has no problem with immigrants as long as they come to America the right way; as should all Americans. One of my best friend’s parents are immigrants from Romania, and they love Trump, even when everyone thought he was crazy. Her parents were courageous for accepting the challenge, making the journey here and starting a better life for their children in addition to coming here the right way. They are a perfect example of how Trump doesn’t hate all immigrants and how all immigrants don’t hate Trump. They simply believe that since they came here the right way, so should anyone else who wants to get the “American Dream” that they worked hard to get. I wish that liberals would understand that concept.

I am so tired of having to explain myself to low information voters or extreme leftists who don’t even let me state my opinion without being attacked for thinking a certain way. Liberals are supposed to be known as tolerant and accepting, but every time I state an opinion I am called racist, sexist, and related to any phobic way of thinking there is. To me, that seems more hostile than tolerant. I have had so many people ask me “how could you have voted for Trump as a woman who respects herself and believes in women’s rights?” I then give my rehearsed statement on how Trump doesn’t hate or want to take away women’s rights and how he actually wants to make a change for the better in this country, for the whole population.

I say that that statement is rehearsed because I, as a conservative, have to censor what it is I say because anything that comes spewing out of my mouth could somehow “offend” someone. I wish we could go back to the time when people said what they wanted to say and were straight to the point. I’m tired of having to be bashed for bluntly stating my views when I don’t bash others for theirs.

Now, I am in no way saying that ALL liberals are like this. One of my very best friends is very liberal, and we get along beautifully. We have talked about our views and what we believe, but we never fight about it. We both understand that we don’t have the same views, and that’s okay. We understand that politics is not worth losing a great friendship over. She thinks that Trump is no one she would want running our country and I think the same about Hillary. When Trump won the election, my friend wasn’t happy, but she didn’t resort to going on twitter and complaining like a toddler that she didn’t get her way. She put on a brave face and an open mind for the next few years to come.

At first glance, I can totally understand why Trump is views as an idiot by many liberals. He’s the polar opposite of PC and has definitely said some things that I did not agree with. He was not my first choice as the Republican candidate, but he was the one who was chosen, and I learned to stand beside my party and support Trump. As a woman, I support Trump and what he has done in office so far. I do not feel as though he is oppressing my gender or diminishing my rights. Trump is my president, and I will go forward with that attitude.


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